PhoSim Physics Override Command Format

The following are internal PhoSim commands that override the realistic physics. By default, all physics is turned on and thus with no options it should be the most realistic simulation.

For detailed studies, however, there are a large number of commands that can be used. To use these commands, put them in a file and specify the file using the -c or --command argument. Note the order of the following command could matter, such that later commands will override earlier commands.

Physics Module Switches

The following are the different physics module switches. These are the most common commands to be used, because they simply ignore a part of the simulation for investigation into the cause of measurement systematics.

atmospheremode X (X=2 turns atmosphere on, X=1 only pupil diffraction, X=0 turns off;  Default is X=2)

atmosphericdispersion X (X=1 is to turn atmospheric dispersion on and X=0 is to turn off)

clearopacity (resets all forms of atmospheric opacity to 0 (clouds, aerosols, molecular, rayleigh)

clearclouds (resets all clouds to 0)

clearturbulence (sets seeing in all layers to 0 including dome seeing)

telescopemode X (X=1: normal telescope; X=0: perfect dummy telescope; Default is X=1)

perturbationmode X (X=0: ideal design; X=1: ideal design+deliberate control (move commands); X=2: ideal design + non-controlled environmental/fabrication; X=3: all on (ideal design + deliberate control + non-controlled); Default is X=3)

clearperturbations (resets all perturbations to 0 (body, izernike, chip angle))

trackingmode X (X=1: tracking on; X=0: tracking turned off; Default is X=1)

windshake X (X=1: wind shake on; X=0; wind shake off; Default is X=1)

cleartracking (resets all tracking to 0)

diffractionmode X (X=1: monte carlo diffraction; X=0 diffraction off; X=2 full FFT approach (very slow); Default is X=1)

coatingmode X (X=1: coatings on surfaces on; X=0: coatings turned off; Default is X=1)

opticsonlymode X (X=1: turns off atmosphere/detector; X=0: all on; Default is X=0)

contaminationmode X (X=1 dust/condensation ; X=0 perfect surfaces)

detectormode X (X=1: charge diffusion in detector on; X=0 charge diffusion off; Default is X=1)

cleardefects (removes all detector defects)

chargesharing X (X=1 allows charge sharing approaching saturation; X=0 effect off)

pixelerror X (X=1 imperfect pixel boundaries; X=0 effect off)

fringing X (X=1 fringing on; X=0 off)

fieldanisotropy X (X=1 lateral fields; X=0 perfectly parallel)

impurityvariation X  (X=1 dopant impurity variation ; X=0 no variation)

saturation X  (X=1: saturation is on X=0: saturation is off)

blooming X  (X=1: blooming is on; X=0 blooming is off)

quickbackground  (turn on the quick background optimization-- fast but averages detector physics)

normalbackground  (turn on the normal background optimization (default)-- reasonably fast, near perfect approximation)

singlephotonbackground  (generate the background one photon at a time-- very slow)

See also the background options comparison.

Advanced Commands

The following advanced commands generally modify internal physics functionality in PhoSim. Generally, these will only be modified for very specific situations.

Optimization Commands:

See the background options comparison.

Optimization Commands that should not be changed: